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Adventure Ordu is committed to providing the ultimate motorcycle riding experience by highlighting the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Ordu, Turkey.  There are numerous places to explore and countless people to meet, and what better way to experience Turkey than by motorbike.  Adventure Ordu is dedicated to sharing the best motorcycle roads, as well as the many touristic and cultural destinations to explore in Ordu.  We hope that you will be motivated to come and have an adventure.

About Us: About

Justin Leonard

Creator / Tour Guide

The founder, Justin Leonard, has lived and worked in Turkey since 2007 and has explored thousands and thousands of miles of roads and tracks.   Justin is now lives with wife and children in Ordu, Turkey in the Black Sea region of Turkey.  He spends his time working part-time for a local Turkish travel Agency.  

He is passionate about sharing the beauty, culture and history of Turkey.  Adventure Ordu is a way where he can sure his adventures to the world.  

Justin is also an avid motorcyclist, and this travel blog also highlights how Turkey can be explored on the back of a motorcyclist. 

Elizabeth Leonard

Co-creator / Photographer

Elizabeth is an English teacher, photographer, mother of 3, and world traveler.  Like her husband she also loves Turkey and desires to share her adventures of living, working and traveling in Turkey to the world. 

She also rides motorcycles too.   Riding her precious Ducati Scrambler around Turkey to show motorcycles aren't just for men.

About Us: Team Members
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